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I believe the taxpayers of Arapahoe County deserve to have an Assessor that has extensive real estate experience and a strong work ethic.  The Assessor's office values your property for tax purposes to fund schools, libraries, open space areas and ensure our communities are safe via the Sheriff's office.  The Assessor's office generates almost half of the county's revenue.  Would you go to a barber/beautician that has never cut hair?  Why elect an Assessor that has never written an appraisal report?  Experience Matters! 


Being a Colorado native, 47 years in Arapahoe County, and 40 years real estate experience, of which 25 is in the appraisal field, I am the most qualified candidate in the race.  In addition, I have many years managerial experience along with a Master's degree in Leadership and Policy Studies.


My strong work ethic ensures the taxpayers will get their money's worth; I guarantee that I will report to work EVERY day and ALL day. 


If elected, I will be accessible to the taxpayers by re-instituting the "walk-in" appointment policy.  I will strive to reduce turnover within the Assessor's office by valuing my staff.  That attitude will transfer over to the public and ensure exceptional Customer Service for all visitors to the Assessor's office.  When both the South Metro-Denver Realtor Association and "The Sentinel" newspaper give you their endorsement, you must be doing something right!


As the the county expert, I will advocate to increase the 20 year old Colorado Property Tax Exemption for Seniors and Disable Veterans Act to keep up with inflation.  We need to ensure our seniors are not forced out of their family homes and our veterans are acknowledged for their sacrifices.      


I promise my staff will assess your property fairly, ethically and without favoritism.

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